VB Students Youtube Channel


Check out our Youtube channel for weekly teaching videos and anything else we can  think to add! Please subscribe so that you can be notified of new videos when

they drop! 



During this unique season, we are transitioning to a fully online youth ministry experience. Here you will find resources and information to help you stay connected to VBSM and to each other.

Parents check out these helpful resources and videos as you adjust to a new normal.

Parent Cue App- a Free Resource for Parents!

Parent Cue is a free app designed to help you engage your children in spiritual conversation at home. Each week on the app there is content for you and your child customized for their age in order to help you connect with them. It is for use with kids birth-18.

Simply, download the app. Register, and look for FUMC Vero Beach when it asks which church you belong to. We use it for our children, the kids love the videos, and I love the practical tips about ways to engage them at their specific age.

Check it out here: https://theparentcue.org/app/

Check out the Parent Cue website in order to access a ton of resources, articles, and

podcasts about parenting through the quarantine. https://theparentcue.org



Zoom Calls- Weekly Sundays @ 5pm

Join us on our weekly Zoom calls in which we check-in, play games, and talk about the weekly teaching video. We are always experimenting and trying new things on Zoom so keep hanging out with us!


In an effort to maintain a safe environment on Zoom we are being careful to only share the link/ Meeting code and password with you via Flocknote (the texting/email service we use to communicate with you, see the Connect With Us section for info on joining). We will not make this link public through social media.


To that end, we ask that students and parents that are logging onto the video calls use First and Last names so that we know who is joining us. We ask also that you make your video available so that we know it’s you. We don’t want to kick anybody off that should be there (this happened once!)


Here is a Parent User guide for Zoom and Youtube.