The Adult Sunday School program has long been an integral part of the life and ministry of First United Methodist Church. We believe that the Christian faith is a lifelong journey in which we strive to grow into Christlikeness. Because of this, the fellowship of the church, the study of God’s Word, the importance of prayer and service, are all essential parts of a growing and active faith.


The Adult Sunday School Program can be instrumental in offering both a time of Christian fellowship and a time for the study of God’s Word which promotes Christian growth and discipleship. Adult Sunday School classes are held on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 AM. Our Sunday School Program meets year round and has a place for everyone from age 2 to 102!

Seven Adult Classes to choose from:


  The Faholo Class - The Faith, Hope & Love Class is for individuals ages 40 and up. The class meets each Sunday morning in Room 1213 and uses curriculum from a variety of resources to cover special topics of interest in relation to the Bible including both discussion and video curriculum. This class is led by Pam Bisset and Becky Oliver and has social gatherings.


  The Jubilee Class - Is a new class of lively seniors who enjoy monthly so- cials, fellowship and weekly lesson times. Their lessons involve discussion and reflection and are led by Jerome Keltner. The class uses the International Lesson Series and meets in Room 1205 of the Christian Life Center.


  The Logos Class - This class is a mul- timedia, intergenerational class which meets weekly in Room 1208. Logos, which means “Word,” focuses on Biblical answers to the questions of life with the assistance of scholars through video. Lessons are led by Rev. Wes Ummel and the class meets regularly for fellowship and various class socials.


  The Morning Star Class - The Morning Star Class is for any age adult. This class, which meets each Sunday morning in Room 1202, uses a variety of resources including DVD’s to study topics relating to the Christian walk and discipleship. This class is led by Ron and Carol Wilson and meets for fun and fellowship socially.


  The Pairs & Spares Class - This class is for both single and married adults ages 55 and up. This class meets each Sunday in Room 1201. Currently the class is studying the Life of Christ through a vari- ety of sources and is supplemented with video. This class includes discussion and is led by Bob Holmstrom. Fellowship and monthly socials are held throughout the year as well.


  The Wesley Class - The Wesley Class which meets in Room 1207 is for adults single or married. The class studies vari- ous books of the Bible and discusses how God’s Word relates to the Christian walk in today’s world. The group gathers for special occasions and is led by George Pellington.


Deeper Connections– This class meets in Room 1212 and is designed for busy parents seeking to better establish their relationship with Jesus so they can become better parents and followers of Christ. The group is facilitated by

Will and Caroline Barker.