In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you. If your gift is serving others, serve them well.  If you are a teacher, teach well.  If your gift is to encourage, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously.   

Romans 12:6-8 NLT 


We want to be part of a great church.


We want a good choir, but we want someone else to attend practice and sing.  We want inspiring Sunday school classes, but we want to just show up.  We want a safe, loving nursery to leave our little ones during service, but we don't want to change any dirty diapers!  We want a vibrant, growing youth program, but we don't like or understand teenagers.


What if every church member attended church as often as you attend, prayed as often as you pray, volunteered and served in the community as often as you and supported local and international missions like you? 


What if every church member gave as frequently and as generously as you give?


What if every church member was exactly like you?  What kind of church would First United Methodist Church of Vero Beach be?