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Journey Through the Bible

Join us on January 1st as First United Methodist Church embarks on the most life-giving and life-transforming journey any follower of Jesus will ever take. Beginning in January, we will begin reading the Bible together as a church. A reading schedule is was provided with your bulletin a few weeks ago (on green paper), which will take us through the whole Bible in a year, beginning in Genesis and Matthew. Each day includes an Old and New Testament reading, and by years-end you will have completed the entire bible start to finish!  If you find you cannot do both Old and New Testament readings, please join us for at least the New Testament readings.  

God’s Word is alive and active, and so, when we read the Bible with an openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit, God reveals himself to us, leads us, comforts us, changes us and delights us.  To journey along with your church family:
  1. Pickup your copy of the "Journey Through the Bible" Daily Reading in the Church Office
  2. Print a copy Click Here to Print "Journey Through the Bible">
  3. or Receive by Email- Sign up for the "Journey Through the Bible" Daily Reading to be sent to you through your email through  Click here to signup> This will require you to sign up for a Bible Gateway Account, separate from the FUMC website.

Search the Bible: 

Search the bible for a passage or listen to the bible online. You can also download a Bible Gateway app for your phone or tablet.

Daily Devotionals:

Bible Gateway morning and evening devotional
Upper Room daily devotions